; FAQ 929: Coding Benefits with the Force All Benefits Override Option

FAQ 929: Coding Benefits with the Force All Benefits Override Option


Can I use Force All Benefits to override the system calculated benefits?


Yes, you can use the Force All Benefits field in the NAME screen to override many calculated benefit fields for individual participants. A list of fields that are overridden with this setting is included below. This option is designed to work with valuations that are not valuing pre-retirement decrements.

Force All Benefits generally will work with PPA valuations using pre-retirement decrements. Part of the multi-decrement calculations will project salary and service with the benefit formula to determine a benefit at each decrement age. With Force All Benefits, there is no associated benefit formula for the system to project benefits to each decrement age. Without this, the results may not be as expected. Review the Force All Benefits results for the participant to ensure they are as expected when using pre-retirement decrements.

If Force All Benefits is set to Yes for an employee, then their following benefit fields will no longer be recalculated and the value input will be used for their liabilities and reports. In addition, this field remains set to Yes when Calculations > Update to New Period is run.

- Projected benefits fields,
- Funding benefits fields

- Accrued Benefit Base,
- Accrued Benefit,
- Begin. Of Yr. Accrued Benefit,
- BOY and EOY CB Accrued Benefit fields,
- Early Retirement Accrued Benefit

FASB screen
- FASB Projected Benefit

- EOY Accrued Benefit