; FAQ 949: DB/DC Combo - Wizard to run report and all required tests

FAQ 949: DB/DC Combo - Wizard to run report and all required tests


How can I access the program for running the combo report and all the tests and how does the program work?


This program can be accessed from the DC System. Click on Utilities>Wizards>Execute, and from the ASC>REPORTS file, select RunDCDBCombo.wzd. This wizard can be run using saved dialog settings, or it can be run using default settings combined with your choices on the wizard menu.

Click the Enter Data button to access the wizard menu. Enter the disk and plan number of the DB plan, and choose whether or not you want to backup the DC plan contributions before running the wizard, and if you want to run the HCE/Key Determination program and store the results in the DC plan file when the wizard is run. The DC/DB Combo report reads the HCE information from the DC plan file.

You can choose the DC/DB Combo report and Compliance test pages to print on the wizard menu. You must enter a value in the “DB Contribution amount to allocate?” field each time the wizard is run. The parameters used and report pages that print for the 410(b), 401(a)(4) and 401(a)(26) tests will be based on the saved settings for those programs.

Click the Execute Script button and Yes to run the wizard and print the selected reports. When "Completed" is displayed next to Execution Status, you can use the Close button to close the wizard and review the results, or you can leave the wizard open and click the Enter Data button to rerun the program. When running and rerunning reports for a particular combo plan, using this option will save your previous settings and limit the number of input items required on the wizard setup menu.