; FAQ 958: Cash Balance - Formula Table Setup

FAQ 958: Cash Balance - Formula Table Setup


How do I code ASC for a flat cash balance contribution amount for one group and a percent of pay for another group?


If you don't have more than 10 employee groups, this type of formula can be entered directly in Plan Specifications on the Benefits \ FORMBENF screen. In the Cash Bal Contribution section, enter either a Percent or a Dollar Amt for each group. Enter the Group value from 1 to A in the Principal field on the NAME screen for each employee.
If you have more than 10 employee groups, you will need to create a DB/CB Formula Table in Table Maintenance for each group using the Contribution Type table #8 - Cash balance (Group tiered) and the Group Definition "Location". The tables can then be assigned to Locations that you set up in the Plan Specifications file, and the number of the location that applies to an employee can be entered in the Location field on the employee NAME screen. See FAQ #915 for more complete information.
Remember to run Plan Specifications > File > Reload Tables each time you add a table or make a change to an existing table.