; FAQ 1134: Change Sponsor Login ID

FAQ 1134: Change Sponsor Login ID


I need your assistance to fix a Sponsor Log-in ID in ASC. In the Daily Valuation Identifiers page, the Sponsor ID is 101-202-8764. However, the correct ID should be 201-202-4126. Can you please fix the ID to reflect the 201 number?


- With no plan open in ASC, go to Utilities, Grid, and New

- From the ID Form Name, select PLANNAME, $LIBID and $PLANKEY

- Then select the DAILYID Form Name - and select DVSPONID (sponsor ID)

- Click on Select Plan - you can choose either the Master Case File or your D24 library

- When the grid opens, locate your D12:7488 plan and edit the Gemini ID to your 201 number

Afterwards, added to the Master Case List and refresh the master census