; FAQ 753: Create option for participants to download forms

FAQ 753: Create option for participants to download forms


Instructions for adding the option for particpants to download forms is confusing. Need some help.


The instructions may not be as easy for the non-technically oriented person, but do enable you to create the function.

Basically, there are three components:
1. Uploading the forms you want to have available. This is covered on page 18 of the Customization Guide.
2. Creating a webpage - covered on page 17. This may look a little intimidating, but is fairly easy. Gemini actually creates the web page for you. You just have to edit the HTML text to indicate the correct paths as to where the forms are located. You can then preview the web page.
3. Adding the webpage to your menu option.

You can download the Gemini Customization Guide from the Client Support Center under Documents/ASC System. If there is someone in your IT area that is more familiar with HTML text that might help make this a little easier for you. If you are still having difficulty, contact ASC Support.