; FAQ 974: Publishing a DGEM Document to Gemini

FAQ 974: Publishing a DGEM Document to Gemini


How do I publish a DGEM document to Gemini?


Full documentation can be downloaded from our Client Support Center: 'Publishing DGEM Docs to Gemini'.

The following coding will need to be completed in ASC for DGEM clients to be able to 'publish' a document to Gemini:
• The 'Employer/Plan EIN' needs to be coded on the Corporate Information screen in Plan Specs
• Also on the Corporate Information screen, the 'Plan Number' must be coded (e.g. 001)
• You must to run Refresh Master Census via Systems/Gemini. Running this function will assure that the Gemini ID, EIN and Plan Number is populated in the Master Census File which is required to be able to publish documents to Gemini.
• All appropriate folders need to be set up (asc\user\sponsor\sponsorid)
• Access DEGM and select a client
• Choose Manage Plan Docs & 5500 Forms
• Select a document and choose View PDF
When selecting 'Publish to Plan Sponsor Site' the PDF version of the selected document will be placed in the corresponding plan sponsor folder based on the Gemini ID (e.g. asc\user\sponsor\1012023001). A sponsor can then log into Gemini and access the Download menu option. The document will be found in the sponsor's Gemini ID folder (e.g.1012023001).