FAQ 179: "Budget does only 2 groups. The other groups will get the formula amount."


I am doing a sole proprietor/partnership profit sharing plan with a new comparability formula. When I tried to run Calculations/Budget Routines, the system said that it could not do a new comparability formula with more than 2 tiers. Is there a way for the system to run the budget routine with more than 2 tiers?


The Budget routine will run with more than 2 tiers. The message simply says that the other tiers will get the "formula amount". That means that it will only solve/design for Group 1 and/or 2 - but it will calculate whatever % or $ amount is coded for the other tiers in the Source 2 specifications. The limitation is an algebraic one, one equation - one unknown.
Detailed Budget and 401(a)(4) instructions can be found on our website/downloads or in the manuals from your system, Help-Manuals.