FAQ 368: Error 2147024770 Automation error system cannot find path specified


We are currently getting the following errors when we try to open ASC:

"Cannot initialize PipeServer - Error=-2147024843
Description=Automation error

The network path was not found."

The following error appears on workstations running ASC:

"Error starting ASC=-2147024770 Automation error

The specified module could not be found"

We recently moved offices and our network people placed our ASC software on a different drive. When we re-map it to the correct drive we still receive an error:

Cannot initialize Pipe Server Error = 2147
Description=automation error
The system cannot find the path specified."


There is a problem with the registry pointing in an incorrect path for ASC. On each workstation you should run \ASC\SETUPCOM\SETUP.EXE. When prompted check 'unregister before registering' and then click on register.

If the problem still occurs, run REGISTER.EXE from Start-Run and register ASC through Windows.