FAQ 5: Grid - Showing totals on a grid


How do you get totals to show up on grids? We are unable to figure that out.


When you are choosing the items to be displayed in the grid, prior to selecting one that you wish to show a total for, check the "Prompt for Totals" box. Then when you choose the item, choose the "Sum numeric items" options to get a total of the column. If you have already chosen the item, double-click on it in the right-hand column and answer "No" when it asks if you want to delete the column, and then choose the "Sum numeric items" option.

Then once the grid has been displayed, to show the totals choose "View", "Grid", "Show Totals" and "Yes/Disallow Edits" - you should then see the total at the bottom of the column. If you find that you need to edit one or more numbers, choose "View", "Grid", "Show Totals" and "No/Allow Edits" and you will be back to where you can edit the figures.