FAQ 685: Portable Copy - Instructions for restoring portable copy files


We are a TPA firm and we have some ASC portable files that were sent to us by another TPA firm. We would like assistance on how to import these files into our ASC program. Thank you.


Do the following to restore a portable copy of a plan onto your system:

1) Start the ASC Val Program
2) Create a New Plan ("File" and "New Plan", or click on the New Plan icon). Make sure that the plan type is the same as the plan that you are going to restore.
3) Once the plan has been created, choose "File" and "Portable Copy".
4) Choose the option "Copy INTO Plan from Files" and click on the "Setup" button.
5) Select the .BAF file of the plan to be restored (changing to the \NDM\TEMP directory to select the correct file) and then click on the "Open" button.
6) Click on the "OK" button within the Portable Copy box and the plan will be copied.