FAQ 692: Grid - Deleting more than 100 employees in a plan


I have a large plan that I want to delete 780 employees from. What is the easiest way to do this?


You can use the grid to set all the employees' EENUM (employee number) fields to "D" and then run the utility to delete employees with "D" as their employee number. Here are the steps:

1. Make a copy of the plan as a backup. To do this, create a new plan, select File-Copy Plan and select the original plan to copy into this new case. Close the copy and go back to the original case to do the deletion.

2. Find some way to identify the 780 ee's that you want to mark for deletion. Typically this is done by status code or location code.

3. Create a new grid under EMPLOYEE-View-grid-new. Select the items NAME, SSNUM, NUMBER to print on the grid. Go to "select employees" and tell the grid which status codes or location codes you want to select.

4. After the grid loads the employees, go to View-Grid-Set Column Data. Under "Update" select NUMBER. Under "From", leave the answer as "constant". In the "Value" box, put a "D". Click OK and answer "yes". This will set the selected employees' NUMBER to a "D".

5. On the main menu bar, select Utilities-Change Structure-Delete "D" EE #'s. This will delete any employees marked with a "D" in their NUMBER field.