FAQ 738: What is the correct group/or status code for participant who waived participation?


What is the correct Group/or Status Code for a participant who waived participation - or should they not be manually coded and just allow the system to assign a code?


If you let the system code him/her it will not know the participant is waiving participation and will deem them eligible according to the Eligibility requirements.

If the participant should not be counted in any tests then on the Dates and Status screen under Employment Status you could code him as "Part-time". This Employment status will exclude them from participating and they will be considered to have not met the service requirement even when the hours fields are left blank.

If they should be counted for the 410(b) test, for example, then over ride the Participation Status using the input by user status of "E" for Primary, Secondary and Tertiary fields. The "E" status code is counted and included in the 410(b) test.