FAQ 73: Employees are not displayed in sorted order in a grid


When I sort the employee data by choosing File-Sort Employees from the EMPLOYEE menu, it doesn't show the data sorted that way in the grid. It also doesn't show the data sorted when I choose View-Find Existing. Is there anyway to see the employees in sorted order?


The setting that determines how the employees are displayed within the EMPLOYEE application is saved on a machine-by-machine basis. The default setting is to display the employees in "Sequential" order, which is the way that they were brought into ASC, and probably the way that you are seeing them. To have them display in the sorted order, from within the EMPLOYEE application, choose "Options" and "Order of Presentation", choose the "Sorted" option under the Employee Order, and click "OK" to save the change. Then, the next time that you view the employees in the grid or via View-Find Existing, they should be in the sorted order.