FAQ 1004: Ascript Error #3 WPE Print Procedure 'StartDoc' Cannot print due to error


Each time that I use Ascript to import employee data, I get the following errors:

Error in WPE Print Procedure 'StartDoc'. Error #=3

Cannot print due to error

Script Execution Error 22: Report Error at line #34

This prevents me from getting an output and confirmation of the data being imported. The import does work in spite of these errors. How do we correct this?


Yes, this may be a printer setting issue. Please go to your ASC main menu-File-Printer Setup and be sure that the box "Set Printer Options" is NOT checked. Choose Selected Printer and "Save Settings".

You can also do this from the Ascript menu-File-Printer setup and be sure the box "Set Printer Options" is Not Checked.

If this does not work, I suggest a reboot.

If on a terminal server, close ASC, exit the terminal server session and start again.

Additionally the Error #22 may mean that you should resave the data file (copy and paste data only to a new file and save).