FAQ 1020: Error 45: $FMT (X:SSNUM) "" $FMT(X:NAME)


I'm getting the Error 45: $FMT (X:SSNUM) "" $FMT(X:NAME), when I try to import something through Ascript, how can I fix this?


Usually you will see that error when you do not have names in your text file, but you have set up the import wizard to print the name on the import report, which is the default. Assuming that is the case with your import, when you get to the "Specify index and records to be added" step of the wizard, click on the "Edit" button and uncheck the "Show Name on Update Report" box. You can't use that option if you don't have employee names in the file, as the wizard won't be able to access the name if the employee is not already in ASC. If you uncheck that box, it should run okay. You can also uncheck print report at the end (last screen of wizard) to avoid this error. If you still see the error after making that change, or if that box is already unchecked, please send me the the VIF file that you are importing the file with, so that I can see how things are coded.