FAQ 1028: Status 3012 Cannot Find Library trying to open ASC


We receive the attached message referencing status 3012 when trying to open ASC this morning. Any help you can offer is appreciated.


Assuming nothing changed in your environment (e.g. added upgrades, changed network etc) - this most likely is the result of a server reboot where the Pervasive or Actian services didn't start correctly when the server rebooted. They should start automatically, but sometimes they don't. On the server, have an IT person go to Administrative Tools-Services and look for either Pervasive Relational and Pervasive Transactional or Actian Relational and Actian Transactional or Actian PSQL Workgroups depending on which you are running. They probably aren't started. If they are started, highlight them and do Action-Stop. After that, whether they were started or not, highlight them one at a time and do Action-Start. Once they show as started the error 3012 should be gone. If that doesn't solve the problem, we've had some users report that Windows 10 machines had to be changed to run in compatibility mode to avoid the status 3012 problem. It could also be related to anti-virus or a firewall if something was changed in the settings after a Windows update. You can also see this message if the mapped drive used to connect to the server has become disconnected or can't be resolved by the client machine.