FAQ 1053: MML B1Cannot create new entry in case file for ClientNo


MML Log file error: B1Cannot create new entry in case file for ClientNo


This error is reflecting that the Master Case List got out of sync. It seems to reflect that a plan was deleted from the system, but not the Master Case list. This should not be able to be done by the user, as if they try to delete a plan in the Master Case List there is a prompt that warns them it will be deleted...and then it is deleted. Somehow it seems this was done, perhaps through deleting the actual case files in the background, then recovering them or something. The fix though, is to delete and re-create the Master Case list. It can be done with a single MML file that just performs the Master DELALL and Master UPDATE commands once with all users off the system, or at least not adding/deleting plans, so it can create the list for all libraries.

Cannot Create New Entry
This is the error in your file causing the Master Update command to stop as noted above. This error stops the processing of the Master_Update, command, which explains why it is not updated. The error is due to the fact that the CLIENTNO (K00017) does not exist in the Master Case file, but the DISK:PLAN (e.g. D12 - Plan 123) does. When MML tries to add the new entry, it gets a “duplicate key” error (DISK:PLAN already there).