FAQ 1083: Compensation Prorate


Hello Manager:
We set the eligible compensation to Prorate, but ASC system did not perform the compensation prorating. Please help to take a look and advise what is wrong with the setup. Please contact me if you need additional information.
Thank you very much.


It is important to note that the prorate function “keys” off of the ps (source 2) contribution or eligibility. If you want it to key off of Primary, you will need to temporarily map PS to primary, run the limited comp calcs, then map back. If you want 2 different prorated pieces - for deferral and ps - you would have to do a combination of calculations and copy the prorated compensation to the Override comp screen and calculate again. SAMPLE: Days that don't count should be deducted from the entire month because in this case the DOH was on the 13th. Date of Hire: 8/13/2018 Date of Entry: 12/1/2018 Gross pay: $104687.51 Eligible pay calculated by ASC: $22694.50 The calculation is based on full months of 31 days. 31*5=155 - 12 = 143 31/143 = .216783 * 104687.51=22694.50