; FAQ 1125: Printer Settings Local or Global?

FAQ 1125: Printer Settings Local or Global?


Are the settings global across our system or may I make my own settings and others can print to a different default printer?


Printer settings are not global - each user may have their own settings. The main ASC menu File-Printer Setup Graphic should be set and will “hold” or “lock in” the settings as long as the user checks the box, “Save Settings”. This will be the default setting. Then on each and every test or setup screen/dialog, you have the option to change the setting “on the fly” for that report. If you return to the same dialog right after, the default printer setting is restored, the on the fly printer change you may have just made does not save with the dialog.
However, the Ascript menu is unique, because as long as the menu remains open it will keep the Printer settings that may have been changed "on the fly" and it remembers those changes until ASC is closed and reopened. Upon reopening of ASC and Ascript menu, the default setting is restored.