FAQ 297: Tables--Complete list of mortality tables not displayed


Pre-problem situation: Whenever we need to change the mortality table when working on a DB plan, we just click on the table and a scrollable list of all the mortality tables appears. There are probably 30-40 tables in there.

Problem: When we go to change the mortality table used in our DB plans under ASC --> Plan Specs --> Funding --> FundAsMP or anywhere mortality is listed under Plan Specs --> Assumptions, only five old tables (71 IAM variations) show up.

I looked in table maintenance, and the tables are still there. I've manually typed in the table we wanted to use (GA2002U in this case) in the blanks under Plan Specs and it *appears* to work; however, I'd prefer for the dropdown listing to appear.


Someone may have deleted or renamed a mortality table without sorting afterward.
Try sorting the mortality tables by going to Table Maintenance/View/General/Sort... Select Mortality. After that's done go to Plan Specs/File/Reload Tables. Then check to see if your complete list of tables shows in the drop down menu.