FAQ 416: Import--map data to more than one ASC field? (e.g. deferrals to CONTRIB & VALUES)


I have a data file with Deferrals that I need to import to both the CONTRIB and VALUES screens. Do I have to create a duplicate column of data in the data file, then import in to ASC? Or is there a way for the Import Wizard to map the data to both fields?


You can store the data in two places via the Variable Import wizard. To do this, when you get to the wizard screen titled "Additional ASC import items", do the following to import the deferrals to the Account Values screen as well (assuming that you initially set up the import to store the deferrals on the Contributions (CONTRIB) screen):

- Click on the "Edit" button
- The last line of the list on the left should be highlighted. It should say something like:


- Click on the "Find" button on the right side of the screen
- Choose the field name that you stored the deferrals to (probably CCTBDEFR) and click "OK"
- Click on the "Find Item" button on the right, double-click on the VALUE Form Name, choose the VLCURCTB Item Name, and click "OK"
- When prompted, input the source number ("1" for deferral) and the fund number (I assume "1" as well)
- When finished, click "OK" on both screens to continue to the last wizard step

Then you should see the deferral amounts storing to both the Contributions screen and the Account Values screens when the import is run.