FAQ 633: Locations--Expanded Locations grayed out and No Locations Folder


We want to update our plan's locations from tables to a folder in Plan Specs but when we go to Utilities-Change Structure - Expand Locations the option is grayed out and we are getting this message:

"This is a standard capacity plan. You must convert this case to an expanded capacity plan before running this program."


In order to turn on the Expanded Locations option, the plans first have to be converted to "high capacity" plans so that they can store the additional information. To convert the plans to high capacity, you first have to make sure that your pattern plans have been converted to high capacity by opening plan #5 (should be the "A9" pattern plan) on the DEF (Pattern Plans) disk, and then choosing "Help" and "About Current Plan". If it says that High Capacity equals "Yes", then new plans are being created as high capacity plans. If not, you will have to change that setting on the pattern plans by starting the text-based version of ASC and then choosing "0" for the ASC utilities, then option "U" to convert the pattern plans.

Once you have confirmed that new plans are high capacity plans, you then need to convert any existing plans that need expanded locations by first creating a new plan (which will be a high capacity plan), and then make a STANDARD copy of the existing plan. To make a standard copy, once the new plan has been created, choose "File" and "Copy Plan", then choose the "Standard Copy" option, then click on the "Setup" button and choose the plan to be converted. Once the plan has been successfully converted and the balances checked, and the expanded locations have been set up, you can then go back and delete the original plan.