FAQ 664: Grid--copy the data from one field to another in the employee record?


I need the "Employer Matching" override compensation in the TESTCOMP screen to be replaced with the compensation I have input in "Plan Comp" in the standard COMP screen. I imported the comp to the wrong field.


To copy one field to another, using the Grid, you use the Grid's "Set Column Data" command. This can be found in detail in the ASC Employee Grid Manual beginning on page 12, but I'll give you the quick version here.

Select Name
Select the fields you wish to copy FROM *and* the fields you wish to copy TO
DONE (Grid will now be shown)
View/Grid/Set Column Data
Update: Click on the down arrow here and select the field you wish to copy TO
FROM: Data File
Click on the Name magnifying glass
Select the field you wish to copy FROM
Review warning message and answer Yes if ok. (There is no "Undo" - so read the warning. You will get a double warning if you are trying to copy something to the Name or SSN fields.)

The Field you wished to copy TO will now be updated to reflect the values in the field you copied FROM.