FAQ 682: Error 11 importing a file with no SSN


"I'm trying to import data by name, I don't have SS# , and I get the following error:

Error 11: Function IMMEDIATE is missing item name, line begins as $FMT(X:).

What is missing?"


1) If you open your VIF file and get to the "Name and describe import fields" step of the wizard, then select the employee number field, set the Type field to "CHAR" and click on the "Post" button, that should change that item to the proper type (i.e. character instead of numeric).

2) When you get to the "Specify index and records to be added" step of the wizard, click on the "Edit" button, choose "NAME" under Item Names, choose "NAME" under Field Names, set the Matching Rule to "Create entry if no match found", and uncheck the "Show Name on Update Report" box, since choosing NAME as the index will already print it on the report.

Then go through the rest of the steps of the wizard and it should import without the error.