FAQ 684: Reporter--5500INFO to print 5500 participant counts


How do you print the 5500 counts from ASC?


Update: Users can print 5500 counts option under Utilities - Export - 5500 screen. The INFO5500 Reporter report and INFO5500 Supporting grids will be phased out, so users should start to use the 5500 export routine if they are not already. For any users that are still using the INFO5500 report , an explanation of how to print the INFO5500 report below.
To run this report, select:
Click on the magnifying glass beside "File Name" and then browse to the A9.rms file in the ASC\Reports directory (Note that this is not the default directory.)
Click on the magnifying glass beside "Report Name" and this will populate the field
Click on the down arrow beside the Report Name field and select INFO5500
Click on "Printer Setup" if you need to change this
Otherwise, click OK and the report will print
There is no support page print option for the 5500 information report. However we do have a grid you can use (email support and ask for this grid).