FAQ 729: Ascript import: duplicate employees


I tried to import a census for the new plan year and it duplicated my entries. I was under the impression that those already in the plan would just merge but it created 2 records for each participant. Do we have to manually enter new plan year info such as comp and deferrals when records had previously been created or is there some way to import this?


When importing open your VIF - check the "Specify index and records to be added" screen. Click on Edit and a new window appears with Match Items. Determine the Matching criteria, ie. SSNUM and then choose one of the Matching Rules definitions to the right. The first option "Create entry if no match found" will match SSNUM exactly. If there is a new SSN, it will add that person. The second option "Ignore entry if no match found" will only update individuals in the plan - it will NOT add any new people from the data file to the plan. The third option "No matching - create new entries" will add everyone in the data file to the plan. This third option can cause duplications.