FAQ 771: Entering account information for participants


If I have a plan with employee deferrals, profit sharing and match, How do I enter the different values into ASC?


Please download and reference the DC/401(k) manual Section A and chapter 2 which covers such input fairly well.

There are several ways to put data into the plan.

1) Import via Ascript to the individual fields
CURRCNTB subscript 1 for 401k deferral and
subscript 4 for PS (source 2) and
subscript 5 for Match (source 3).
For the Values screen choose, VLCURCTB and then choose the appropriate source and fund.
2) Import as Transactions - use CASHTRAN and then process these numbers via Calculations-Transactions-Process.
3) Manually input the numbers to the CONTRIB and VALUES screens. (Use F7 and F8 to change the fund and source numbers on the Values screen)
4) Create a grid and input the numbers in the grid.