FAQ 963: Utilities - 5500 and 8955-SSA Export


Do you have an 5500/8955 export that can be imported into DGEM for 5500 and 8955-SSA forms? Does it produce a report that we can compare the counts to the 5500Info report?


Under Utilities - Export menu in ASC, users can export the financial data and counts for the Form 5500/SF forms, Schedule SB, Schedule I and Schedule H forms. There is also a 8955-SSA export that will list former participants for the Form 8955-SSA Participant Listing section. User can export the text file and then import it into DGEM 5500 program or electronically transfer the file to DGEM. Please contact Support for more information on electronically transferring export files to DGEM.
To compare 5500 counts, there is an option on the 5500 and 8955 export screen to "Print Report" to show the 5500/8955-SSA counts and financial data being imported into the forms.