FAQ 970: Ascript: Edit with a VEF - Variable Edit File


What is a VEF and how can I find more information on it?


A VEF is a variable edit file run from the Ascript-Edit program. It works like the Set Column Data options in a GRID. The main difference is you will not see the employees in the grid and you can change or edit many fields at once via the Edit file vs. using the grid where you must edit one field at a time using Set Column Data.

This is a very powerful program and there is not an undo button so be sure you are updating the correct field(s). To be on the safe side you should always backup to a portable copy prior to making any major changes (such as running a VEF). The program will work with both Plan Specs for multiple plans OR Employee data for One Plan.

Instructions for this program are located in Chapter 3 (Ascript) under the Systems Reference Manual.