; FAQ 989: System update - how many users are still in ASC?

FAQ 989: System update - how many users are still in ASC?


Is there a way to identify staff who have ASC running on their computer? Yesterday I installed the latest ASC update and ended up having to reboot our ASC server twice to force someone using ASC off. This worked but is not an ideal option.

Also is there an option in ASC that would allow me to disconnect or force out staff who did not get our email notifications regarding details for the upgrade?


You can check if anyone is in ASC by going to the server, Programs-Pervasive (or Actian)-Utilities-Monitor-Microkernel-Active Sessions. This will show you all users in ASC and the files that are open.

You can also check by opening Windows Explorer, finding the ASCNET folder and double clicking on ASCUTIL.EXE. Then go to View-User Count Control, select Show User Count Records and click OK. Any line that shows a 1 in the User Count column may show someone who is currently in ASC though that may also be an entry that wasn't cleared properly and the user isn't in ASC.