FAQ 995: Portable Copy - How To Create one?


I need to send support a portable copy of my case.


Here are instructions to send a portable copy, they are located in our Systems reference manual, chapter 1, page 1-10, from the main ASC menu-Help-Manuals.

Creating a Portable Copy of a Plan
To create a portable copy of a plan:
ASC main menu, select File > Portable copy from the opened plan you
want to copy.

Confirm the Copy OUT to Files from Plan is selected.
Click on Setup in the "File Information" box to tell the system where the
portable copy files should be stored. The system defaults the path name to the
NDM\TEMP directory. The file name is the Disk number, and plan number.
Click on the OK button to create the portable copy.

If you have more than one case you can create a Multiple Plan Portable copy and
this will generate a special file with the MP extension which holds all attached

NOTE: The portable copy will create approximately 11 files for an A9 plan type and approximately 8
files for a DB plan type; each file name beginning with the disk/plan numbers and with different file
extensions. If you intend to move this portable copy to another location via email or transfer you
will need to include all 11 or more files.

To create a single compressed folder that can be easily attached to your support request on the Client Support Center, follow these additional steps:
1 - In Windows Explorer, go to the folder containing all of the portable copy files created
2 - Select all of the portable copy files created (see NOTE above for approximate number of files)
3 - Right click your mouse and select Send to >
4 - In the expanded Send to > menu, select Compressed (zipped) folder
5 - A new compressed (also referred to as zipped) folder will be created in the same location
6 - Send that single compressed (zipped) folder to ASC