; FAQ 1087: Adding a Bulletin Board - Video Available

FAQ 1087: Adding a Bulletin Board - Video Available


How do we add a Bulletin Board to a page and add fields to be displayed?



Step 1 - Add the Bulletin Board Field to the Page
1. Go to Manage > Form Designer.
2. Right-click, anywhere on the page and select Add Bulletin Board.
3. Move and Resize the Bulletin Board if necessary.
4. Close the Form Designer and Restart PensionPal.

Step 2 - Designate Fields to be Displayed in the Bulletin Board
1. Go to Manage > Bulletin Boards and Quick Facts. (Password Protected)
2. Click Add at the top, select the page, then the field to display, and click OK.
3. Select the page you created the Bulletin Board on in the Show in field drop-down.
4. Click Save when done.
5. Repeat steps 2-4 if you want to add more fields to your bulletin boards.