FAQ 108: Resource files error printing Reporter reports to Adobe


I am having trouble printing Reporter reports to a PDF file. The error message I receive is listed below:

Unable to find "Adobe PDF" resource files.
"C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Adobe PDF 6.0\Settings\rd.joboptions"
Do you want to run the installer in repair mode.

When I say "No", the following error comes up:

Error in WPE Print Procedure 'New Page'. Error #=3.

Any suggestions?


When printing from Reporter to the Adobe Acrobat software, uncheck the "Set Printer Options (Page Size, etc.)" box under the "Printer Setup" button and it should print without the error. Back in 2003, we changed the way that the printing information was being sent to the Acrobat software from Windows XP and 2000 machines and changed Reporter to handle it. Prior to those changes, the Adobe software would either behave erradictly and would not seem to acknowledge some of the printing preferences within the Acrobat print device, or you would see the error that you are seeing. The changes seemed to straighten things out for all versions of Acrobat, and for all operating systems.

The only change that you need to make when printing to the Acrobat software is to uncheck that box, which sends the information in a slightly different format than the other reports. In addition, if you are printing the employee statements via the VSReports application, or printing via the grid, you will also need to uncheck that box. All other "graphic" reports should successfully print to PDF files whether that box is checked or not.