FAQ 10: Lines printing over one another on custom report


I've attached a PDF file of 2 reports that need a slight adjustment. The cover sheet seems to shorten the height of a few lines and leaves the text somewhat cut off. The same occurs with the Summary of Accounts title line. What do I need to do to fix it?


It looks like someone in your office modified the report to print landscape instead of portrait, but didn't change the length of the page, so it is attempting to print more lines per inch than the printer can handle (for example, 7 lines per inch instead of 6). If it tries to print too many lines per inch, one line will either write over another (which typically happens when sending the output to a printer) or the lines will be cut off (which typically happens when printing to a PDF file), which is what you are seeing. Do the following to fix the reports:

- From the ASC Main Menu, choose "Access" and "Reporter Specifications"
- From the REPTSPEC menu, choose "File" and "Open"
- Change to whatever directory the file is in, select it, and click "Open"
- Once the file is chosen, choose "File" and "Open Report"
- Choose either the CVRSHT or ACCOUNT report and click "OK"
- Choose "View" and "Control"
- Change the figure in the "Length" box from 66 to 51 and click "OK" when finished
- Then choose "File" and "Open Report", choose the other report, and make the same change
- When finished, choose "File" and "Exit" to close the Reporter Specifications program

Then print the report as you normally would and the lines should be spaced out better.