FAQ 2: Adjusting report margins on a Reporter report


How do I adjust the margins? We print the employer reports on three-hole paper, for insertion into a binder, and the holes go right over some of the data on several of the reports.


You can adjust the margins by doing the following to any report. Be aware, though, that making changes to the reports in any of the files in the \ASC\REPORTS directory will be overwritten by a system update, so either make a copy of the file and make changes to that file, or plan on making these changes after each update.

- From the ASC Main Menu, choose "Access" and "Reporter Specifications"
- From the REPTSPEC menu, choose "File" and "Open"
- Change to the \ASC\REPORTS directory (or whatever directory the file is in), choose the file to use, and click "Open"
- Once the file is chosen, choose "File" and "Open Report"
- Choose the report that you wish to edit and click "OK"
- Select "View" and "Control"
- You can increase the left margin by putting a value in the "Indent" box. The "Columns per Inch" value will tell you how many columns will indent the report an inch. If you want to indent 1/2 an inch, multiply the number by .5; if you want to indent 3/4 of an inch, multiply the number by .75; etc.
- If you want to increase the top or bottom margin, increase the value in either the "Top Margin" or "Bottom Margin" field.

Be aware, though, that pushing the whole report to the right by adding an "Indent" value may drop data off of the right-hand side of the page. If this happens, try increasing the value in the "Width" box until the "Columns per Inch" value increases and then try printing again. A couple of changes to the "Width" and you should be able to squeeze all of the data back onto the page.