FAQ 532: Can I eliminate old terminees from printing on the A9.RMS CENSUS report?


I have a case that has a lot of old terminees that I would like to be excluded from printing on the CENSUS report in A9.RMS.


Instructions for altering the report are below. You should make these changes on a copy of the A9.RMS CENSUS report, unless you plan on making this change to the standard report after each update.

- From the ASC Main Menu, choose "Access" and "Reporter Specifications"
- From the REPTSPEC menu, choose "File" and "Open"
- Select the file to be edited and click on the "Open" button
- Once the file is chosen, choose "File" and "Open Report"
- Choose the CENSUS report and click "OK"
- Choose "View" and "Selection"
- Click on the "Add" button, leave the default setting in the Name field of "EXCLUDE", type the following in the Definition box, and click "OK" to save the change:


- Click the "Cancel" button on the next entry
- Click "OK" on the Selection screen to close the report section
- Choose "File" and "Exit" to close the Reporter Specifications program