FAQ 56: Cannot name report when printing to PDF files


We are running into an issue that occurs when we print to Acrobat Distiller from Reporter to check totals, for example. Before sending the output to the printer, I like to print the file to my Desktop to view it. When it pops up and has me save it, the default name is "Report.pdf". But, even if I change the name to something else, it still will save it as "Report". Why will it not save it under any other name?


That sounds like the behavior that you would see if you were printing from a machine running Windows XP or 2000 and you were not unchecking the "Set Printer Options (Page Size, etc.)" button under the "Printer Setup" button. Unchecking that box sends the printing information to the Adobe software in a slightly different manner, which should eliminate "odd" behavior like what you are seeing with the report names.