FAQ 699: What needs to be done to print reports by location?


We have been printing some reports through Reporter for one of our plans using the plan's locations. This has worked fine until we tried to print one particular report. Is there something I need to change within the report to make this work?


There are three things that control whether or not a particular report prints by location. The first is that the "Use Division Sort" field on the Control screen of the report must be set to "Yes". The second is that the "Location" option on the Sorting screen of the report must be set to "Use Location". And the third thing that is necessary to print a report by location is that a location table needs to be chosen at print time. Or, alternatively, the "Use Plan Locations" box must be checked if the plan uses expanded locations.

If you still have problems with it, send us the RMS file and tell us which report won't print by location.