FAQ 78: Error 26 message printing PLANSPEC report from Reporter


When I am running a report from Reporter I am getting an error message. The report is the plan specifications (PLANSPEC) report and the error message is: "Error 26: Function IF220 has Invalid subscript information for item in GetItem SP. Line begins "VSSCHD="2-20")or(VSSCHD="2-20%)or (($INSTR(TOphvy90($YY(VALDATE)). Do I have something coded incorrectly in specifications or is there a problem with the report?


The Error 26 that you are seeing is most likely being caused by an old version of the PLANSPEC report. Have the system updates been installed on a regular basis? If so, it doesn't sound like you are printing from the updated reports that are in the A9.RMS file in the \ASC\REPORTS directory. We make changes as necessary to the standard reports and then update the three files in the \ASC\REPORTS directory as part of a system update. If you are printing from some other file, or from an A9.RMS file in some other directory (like the default, \ASC\USER directory), you do not have the latest changes and the error is coming up because the report doesn't know where to look for the top-heavy status for any plan year that ends in 2004 or later.

When our programmers increased the top-heavy years past 2003, the top-heavy status for these new years had to be moved to a different location in the database and the complexity of the PLANSPEC report, and any function that referenced the top-heavy years, increased dramatically. Consequently, we made the necessary changes to the PLANSPEC report to accomodate these changes and delivered them with the 11/25/2003 system update. Unfortunately, the update can only replace those three files in the \ASC\REPORTS directory as report changes are made, it can't update any other files with these changes.

If you are printing from some other file, and want to incorporate these new changes for 2004 and later plan years, someone there will need to copy the latest version of the PLANSPEC report from the A9.RMS file in the \ASC\REPORTS directory into your file and make your changes again (assuming that some custom changes were made to that report).

If you are printing from the A9.RMS file in the \ASC\REPORTS directory and are still getting this error, check the date on that file, it should be at least 9/29/2003 or later. If it has a date that is earlier than that, it is possible that the Windows portion of one of the updates was not completely loaded or loaded at all. Also, make sure that you are changing to the \ASC\REPORTS directory when printing, and not choosing a file in the default \ASC\USER directory, which would not have the necessary changes to that report.