FAQ 8: Editing column headings on the Reporter census request report


I would like to modify the headings on the CNSUSRQ2 report. I have modified headings before so I know how to get in there. My problem is that in the Headings section, the headings up to the "--Hours Worked--" line are listed but then the next two lines of headings aren't listed. They print as headings but they aren't in the Headings section? Any idea where I could find them or how to modify them?


The majority of the headings on that report are attached to the columns themselves in the Data section of the report. The reason that the "Hours Worked" heading is in the Headings section of the report is because it spans more than one column. If you go into the Data section and choose the column whose heading you wish to modify and click on the "Modify" button, you will see a button labeled "Head...". Click on this button and you will see the heading, which can be modified. If you happen to select the wrong column, just click on the "Cancel" button, then hit the right-arrow button or the "OK" button to go to the next entry and check that heading.