FAQ 242: Top Heavy Test--Not reading the Determination Year distributions from the plan specs


Why is my test not reading these distributions?


The system reads the fields on the Distributions (DISTRIB) screen in the Values section of the plan specs based on a combination of the Valuation Date that is coded in the plan specs, and the "Determination Date" selected when running the Top Heavy Test. If the PYE is 12/31/07 and the Determination Date is the default of 12/31/06. the test will read the Determination Year distributions plus five years of in-service distributions.
If the PYE is 12/31/07 *and* the Determination Date is 12/31/07, the test reads the distributions from the "Withdrawals" fields on the Account Values screens in the employee record. It also reads the "Inservice" distributions on the Distributions screen for the last 4 years. It is programmed in this manner because the plan has not yet been updated to the next year, so the distributions are still in the employee's account, versus on the Distributions screen.