FAQ 434: 414s--Shows individual percentage as N/A rather than percents


Seems no matter what we do at this point the percentage for the individuals shows as N/A. Oddly enough, the total percentages do appear. The problem is the 414(s) Test. When we first ran the test it had numbers/percentages under the column (E) Ratio D/B. We had to make a change, adding a Key employee that was originally identified as a non-Key employee. After the correction I ran the 414(s) test again and got N/A under the column (E) Ratio D/B.


If you check the option "Print Aggregate version" - it does the calculation based on aggregate compensation numbers, listing N/A for the individuals. If you do not check this option, which is the default, it does the calculation for each individual and then averages these numbers. In this report, each individual's percents are shown. Check this out to see if the user ran with two different options.