FAQ 501: ADP--QNEC options disabled


Why are the QNEC options disabled in the "Corrections Setup" window of the ADP/ACP test? I can see them, but it won't let me select them.


You must be running a test based on prior-year non-HCE percentages. The QNEC options are disabled when you are running a prior-year test. Although allowed by law, the calculation has never been programmed in the system. Initially there was no clear guidance on how they should work (based on prior year census, current census, what about terminees, which comp..), so they were not programmed. Once there was guidance, our clients were not interested in prioritizing this as a programming item, so it was never done. If it is important to you, let us know and we can consider moving this up on our project list. So far it has not been in demand.