FAQ 175: Allocations--Steps to calculate top-heavy minimum


If you wouldn't mind, would you please confirm these steps for me for running a Top Heavy Minimum calc that we want to have posted to the employee records? I just need to pass this to my employees as a process they should follow, and I want to make sure it's correct.


Do the following in the Source 2 specs:
- Force Contribution = "Yes"
- Contribution Fund Split = "99-Input"
- Forfeiture Allocation Method = "1 - In Proportion to Compensation"
- Contrib: Groups Elig. = "34"
- Contrib: Hours = '1'

Then run the Top Heavy Minimum calculation under Reports-Compliance-416 Top Heavy Minimum Calculation. Make sure to check the "Store Results as Transaction" box. You will then see the contribution in the employee records under Account Value/Transact screen.

After checking these amounts, choose Calculations-Transactions-Process to post the transaction to the employee records. After this has been done, you should be able to check an employee record - Account Values\Value - and see the contribution in their record.