FAQ 601: Employee data--Moving employee records from one plan to another


We have two plans for one employer, one for associates and one for partners. What is the best way to transfer records for one or more associates into the partner plan?


Assuming that the plans are set up roughly the same in terms of sources and funds, you should be able to merge the census from one plan to the other, then delete the duplicate records that you don't want. If you go into a plan that already has employees, choose File-Copy Plan, then choose the "Merge Census from another plan" option, then click on the "Setup" button to choose the plan to copy from, you should get the employees from the second plan loaded into your current plan. This option, though, assumes that the plans have common sources and funds, and it also just adds new employees, it does not update any existing employees in the current plan.

I would suggest that you try that option and see if that will work for you. If it will not, about your only other option, short of copying the entire plan, is to export the necessary employee data out of one plan using the grid or the Variable Export routine, and then import it into the other plan.