; FAQ 885: Importer: Expert Plans, Scudder or ADP

FAQ 885: Importer: Expert Plans, Scudder or ADP


We noticed Expert Plans provides an ASC financial download how do we import this into our plan?


From the main ASC menu choose Utilities-Import- Importer:Generic import.

Please double check the Fund and Source columns (the original file download had these reversed but this may be fixed now). The Source column should be listed first in column "D", followed by the Fund column in "E".

Review the csv file and determine if the withdrawals and transfers out numbers are represented with a negative sign. If they are the following additional edits may be necessary. You can adjust the csv file OR you can make these edits on the Fields screen in Importer.

Withdrawal; ASC+ =None; ASC- =VLCURWDW

Transfers between fields set: ASC+ =VLCURTFI and ASC- = VLCURTFO

Transfers out;ASC+ =None; ASC- =VLCURTFO

Please always compare the balance Totals to the Fund house financial data to that actually imported to ASC. Reviewing an employee with transfers out or withdrawals would also be recommended.
ASC support is here if you need additional help, please send us the csv file and let us know the problem.