FAQ 850: DV -- Deconversion of accounts and reports close out


We have a plan which will be deconverting. We have to sell all assets and produce reports for the plan.

Can you please let us know how to achieve this?


The first step is to make sure this plan's reconciliation is in balance and that no error messages exist in the except 92 file. If any does exist these must be resolved first.
It is a good idea to make a backup copy of the plan before proceeding.

Reports can be generated from the summary of activity report Reports-Employee Statements-Transaction-Summary and files can be generated for another TPA by using the export client routine under Utilities-export-client to ascii files saved under the ASC\UVC folder -- documentation for these files is on our website.

Because the "redistribute from fund percent" handles globally for the entire account balance this is what you should use to create the transfer out transactions (do this as store in transaction only), do not run store in transition file. This is found under Calculations-FundCalcs-Redistribute from Fund Percent.