FAQ 852: Cash Balance - Missing Interest Credit on schedule


I have a cash balance plan and on the Cash Balance Summary report, the reconciliation of the participant account balances is showing zero for their Interest Credits.


If the report is showing zero for the Interest Credit, it is because the participants' Earnings fields are zero. This may happen if this is a takeover case or if the Earnings field was deleted.

In general, the Earnings field is calculated during Calculations > Valuation unless the participant's Costs > CASHBAL > Earnings Override field is set to Y - Yes. When the Earnings Override field is set to Y - Yes, users can input an amount in the Earnings field to be used by the system. If no value is input, then zero earnings will be used.

To have the system calculate their Earnings field, confirm that their Earnings Override field is set to N - No and run Calculations > Valuation.