; FAQ 1050: Users accessing the ASC system

FAQ 1050: Users accessing the ASC system


How can I determine which users are currently in ASC


Go to Utilities-ASC System-View-User Count Control. Choose SHOW USER COUNT RECORDS and click OK. You will then see a list of users that are or have been in ASC. Any line that shows a User Count 1 is currently accessing ASC and counts against the user limit shown on this screen. If you see a user listed more than once with a count of 1 then that user is being counted more than once against the limit. If you know someone showing a count of 1 is not in ASC, then highlight that line and click DELETE ENTRY. This only affects the count and does not affect the user or their ability to launch ASC. If all the entries showing a count of 1 are valid and you receive a user count exceeded message starting ASC, you may be exceeding the ASC user count limit because you have more than the maximum number of allowed users trying to access ASC at the same time.